The Ooho! packaging help reduce plastic bottle waste

Would this invention help reduce plastic bottle waste? The answer is definitely yes! Nowadays the plastic is overwhelming our planet and the problem is getting everyday worse. Many companies started to focus on the issue and invest into new technologies and ideas trying to solve it. One of the start up that took its first step into saving the world is Skipping Rocks Lab. Founded by three students from London, the company gained great attention since their first crowdfunding campaign. The main goal of the innovative startup was to create a sustainable product that could replace the plastic packaging. Their first product is called Ooho! and was totally inspired by nature.

What is Ooho? 

Ooho! is a packaging which is designed to have one basic yet fundamental role, a low environmental impact. Being made from an eatable membrane of algae, this bubble could contain different kinds of drinks. Being inspired by the Spanish chef Ferràn Adria technique of the spherification,  “Ooho!” employ it to a everyday element in our life, the water.

What are the main characteristics?

Skipping Rocks Lab uses natural extracts from plants and seaweed, to create Ooho packaging, this means that they are entirely eatable. If you do not want to consume the packing, do not worry as it is biodegradable and it takes 4-6weeks to decompose, the exactly time as a fruit. The membrane is edible, it can be flavored and colored, and can also be used for other liquids. This packaging is thought not only to be eco-friendly, but also to be cheaper than plastic. Ooho requires less costs of productions than the plastic bottles.

The Ooho! packaging help reduce plastic bottle waste
The Ooho! packaging help reduce plastic bottle waste

All images: Ooho!

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