A Flower Modelled Solar Panel Produces Clean Energy

Flower Modelled Solar Panel

The SmartFlower Solar is the newfangled advancement of solar energy. The creators at SmartFlower Solar built a completely autonomous energy wrangler that adopts the shape of a charming flower. The “petals” are the solar panels, except instead of staying static like traditional rooftop panels – these “petals” detect and track sunlight at the choicest angles.

From sunrise to sunset, the machine rotates about on a dual axis to acquire maximum sunlight. The result is clean energy available for consumption, anywhere from 4500-6500 kilowatt hours per year. Installation and set up takes only a few hours, as opposed to several days with rooftop panels. Maintenance is optimally low as the device operates independently and also cleans itself at the beginning/end of each day.

Flower Modelled Solar Panel

This is accomplished with long brushes under each panel cleaning the other one beneath it as it folds in and out. According to the SmartFlower Solar website, this increases productivity by 1-2%. Routine maintenance performed by a SmartFlower Solar technician is only required every 2 years.

The SmartFlower Solar is true to its name with features that rooftop panels simply lack. The SmartFlower’s panels are ventilated in the rear, allowing for natural air flow to prevent heat from accumulating on the “petals.” Undeniably, this makes the machine up to 10% more efficient in producing clean energy.

Additionally, a safety element is in place to protect the SmartFlower’s structure and to preserve its energy collection. Sensors installed in the machine can detect high wind speeds, at which time it can either arrange itself into a horizontal position or simply fold in until conditions are stable.

The SmartFlower is available in 8 colours including jungle green and porcelain white. As a notably versatile invention, this machine is ideal for reducing the need for reliance on rooftop panels. It has the capabilities to power a cottage or tiny house all on its own, according to the SmartFlower Solar website. But it has also been utilized in commercial settings and electrical vehicle charge stations.

Flower Modelled Solar Panel

The SmartFlower is seen powering the café and nighttime walkways of Kufstein’s University of Applied Sciences. In the Botanical Gardens of Madrid, the device provides power for children’s activities. Without a doubt, the SmartFlower is an incredibly dynamic and viable breakthrough for the future of solar energy.

Flower Modelled Solar Panel

 All images: SmartFlower Solar

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