Sole: The Vertical Automobile Winner Of The Red Dot Design Award

Sole Of The Red Dot Design Award

The 2018 winner of Red Dot Design Award is a smart automobile designed by Alaina Mickes and Boqiang Su. Sole is an automobile designed for a single user to drive in a stand-sitting posture. The idea is inspired by the popularity that standing desks are gaining in the workplace means a turn to the postural habits that comes with the realization that the prolonged sitting is bad for our health.

But Sole is not only a smart solution to the sitting problem but also to the problem of regular traffic to which it provides an alternative way to reduce space and energy needed for a single-driver.

Sole Of The Red Dot Design Award

Sole is about one fourth the size of a  traditional car and its zero degrees turning radius makes it easy to park in tight metropolitan areas where the garage is limited or non-existent.  Its structure is flexible to accommodate autonomous driving technologies in order to be completed.

Sole is definitely a smart way to move in the city both for the benefit of the user and the urban environment. Thinking how to reshape the context of an activity that we deliver as standard is truly the key to intelligent design concepts and the merit to the Red Dot award for Sole.

Sole Of The Red Dot Design Award

All images via Red Dot Design Award

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