Stefan Bassing

After studying in the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia, Stefan Bassing settled in London. From there he develops his career as an architect and designer for exclusive clients.

Among all his creations, it is worth noting the concept he develops in his Table No. 1 and Table No. 2. The tables are made with bent steel tubes. Under the philosophy of simplifying processes. They follow a construction criterion that uses digital design as a means to amalgamate digital construction techniques with traditional analog methods. They represent a stadium that overcomes the technological limitations of the old manufacturing techniques. From this it turns out that Tables No. 1 and No. 2 are works of digital art.

The concept is a reinterpretation of the structures of spatial frames, typical of the architectural discipline. It begins with an element that he defines as “Seed”, let’s say a steel pipe. With this reference they use algorithms to develop the elements that will make up the piece.

Stefan Bassing has collaborated with Zaha Hadid. Among others. He is currently part of Ross Lovegrove’s team carrying out projects for international companies, such as LG. In addition to presenting his creations in the most prestigious international stages.

All images: Stefan Bassing

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