Strack, The Advertising Company That Aces 3D Experiments

Maurice Fransen, the mind behind Strack, heads an advertising company that goes beyond with its conceptualisations. Based near Rotterdam of The Netherlands, Strack designs entrancing 3D visuals for companies and also posts experimentations on social media. The digital artist designs extremely intricate images that simply stun viewers. Playing with particles and various textures exude a level of adeptness that is reflective of Fransen’s technological skill and creative thought.

Elements move about in an exotically amoebic fashion, absolutely gripping to watch. They almost seem to be connecting in a system that is immaculately computative. Strack’s visuals are top notch in the sense that the design bears an ingenious touch, elevating their work to the highest caliber. The polished look and innovative concepts are enough to captivate any audience. Strack crafts 3D visualisations brimming with layers of fine points and a certain elegance unique to the company.

Shapes are manipulated so masterfully and their wills bent to create a visual that is undeniably provocative in an exploratory context. Strack has worked with companies like Cîroc and Bullboxer. The advertising company also specializes in photography for products. Tasteful images uphold the essence of the product but delivered in a manner that is visually appealing, something Strack is expert at doing with a portfolio that attest to their contemporary insight as proof. 

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