Tap Is The Wearable Keyboard Of The Future

Tap Systems, Inc. is the creator of Tap, a wearable mouse and keyboard. It was founded by Dovid Schick and Sabrina Kemeny in Los Angeles, California. Today the company works alongside an international team, with members in different countries in Asia, North America, Oceania and Europe. The aim of Tap is to develop practical devices to help disabled communities.

Their product, Tap, was designed to allow people text, control or create in VR and AR systems. They want to bring the next important step in input technology for a better future.

Tap Is The Wearable Keyboard

Tap is an ergonomic keyboard which can be worn on one hand and allows to control all Bluetooth connected devices. It can be used on almost any surfaces and works very fast. Its battery lasts up to eight hours. Tap is a multi functional device as it can be employed in learning languages, games, music, VR and AR. To learn using the Tap Alphabet is very easy and funny as only thing you need is to use a mobile game called TapGenius.

Tap Is The Wearable Keyboard

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