Motion Design Of A Technological Era By Eduard Mykhailov 

Eduard Mykhailov is a virtuoso of motion design in a 3D graphics context, publishing works that seem to stream directly from a futuristic age of technology and style. The rendered images are crafted so finely and to a degree of ability that makes Mykhailov’s aesthetic unparalleled. Within his catalog of visuals, one can find themselves immersed in his creative modality.

Ethereal lighting of heavenly colors is often embedded in his images, whether it is filling the empty space of a wine glass or inhabiting the eyes of a cat, they glow in a supernatural kind of way that is astonishing to behold. Having the current climate of social media and evergrowing high-tech engineering, Mykhailov employs such elements in a macrocosm individualized to his artistic style, it is no surprise that his work even extends past the screen and bleeds into our reality in a disillusioning kind of way.

The designer continues to fascinate thousands with face filters he curates for Instagram, establishing a bridge for users to directly interact with his outstanding work. Many of his animations show this augmented reality where his graphical creations come alive and into being in our world. Eduard Mykhailov is an artist worth keeping up with as he continues to explore eccentric ways to express in this technological era.

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