Teun Van Der Zalm’s Elysian Nebulas Based In Particles

Ever pondered the possibility of wandering among the heavenly bodies above? What would it be like to float among the constellations and glide through galaxies? Teun van der Zalm of Salmonick Atelier brings us land dwellers a bit closer to this very celestial dream in a very convincing way. His nebulous experiences suspend viewers amid the infinite expanse of space and gently hovers them through scenes of astronomical grandeur.

With no sense of familiarity, viewers are flung into a seraphic planetary where they are dissolved into the divinity of the cosmos. Splendor, eternity, sanctity, wonder. These sorts of things come to mind when you step into one of the many angelic works of Teun van der Zalm. They are no simple feat, in fact, these experiences are based in particle physics and complex mathematics.

Having built upon a particle study in 2013, van der Zalm has tested ways to express the natural world in its most chaste state. To construct his famously surreal nebulas, the artist had to incorporate multiple noise algorithms onto a designed object based on procedural algorithm, inspired by the Perlin Noise algorithm. The end result is a beautifully sophisticated system of dots or particles that is high in density and detail, which lends itself to the various angles of viewing the nebulas. 


For more information, visit the Teun van der Zalm website

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