The Poetic Illustrations Of Karina Yashagina

Kazan-based artist Karina Yashagina has built up an original style making dreamlike, puzzling illustrations that mirror feminine delicate portraits.

Looking staggeringly genuine, his delineations are brimming with imagery that brings out overwhelming feelings of adoring somebody from an image. The most widely recognized subjects in her artworks are females that are covered by various components of nature like plants and flowers. Electric and placid are two emblematic characteristics of the body of work of Karina, however she figures out how to balance the two in a very symbolic and natural way. These ethereal digital paintings unveil an incredible utilisation of vivid colours and composition. Frequently there is a touch of surrealism in her work, giving the watcher a chance to choose what is actually real and what it is not. In her artistic portfolio, Karina demonstrates an enthusiasm for pop culture.

Karina employs imagination and digital techniques during her creative process. Her method is so efficient that the results seems to be an oil on canvas painting. These youthful and nice looking ladies whose look appears to be lost in the void and whose hair abundant in blooms are mesmerising the viewer. A psycho-physical transformation that, notwithstanding its mystery, is never fierce and to be sure the artist upgrades the expressiveness of the unbelievably significant looks. The artist includes that dash of authenticity that makes her work so unique and eye-catching.

All images: Karina Yashagina

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