‘Tree in the house’ by A.Masow Architects

The “Tree in the House” is a tubular, transparent construction that provides the habitat for a tree to grow inside.

The intention of the multidisciplinary architectural study A.Masow is that the bustle of everyday life in the city has an alternative. They carry it out by combining the possibilities currently offered by industrial design, with the beauty benefits of a natural environment.

A.Masow Architects works from the needs that each client expresses through their requirements. In this way, each of its projects combines the proportions of three elements: Design, Functionality and financial affordability. “Tree in the House” is the housing response for those who seek to have a space that allows relaxation, creative exploration and spiritual expansion.

It is important to note that “Tree on the House” is not harmful to the environment, besides offering the opportunity to stop being all the time in concrete boxes to feel a true union with nature. “Tree in the House” is not much more than a glass cylinder, with four floors accessed by stairs, where two people can live. And at the same time, it is much more than that.

All images: A.Masow Architects

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