INEXISTENCE: TUNDRA’s first NFT collection merges physical media and digital entities

TUNDRA‘s first NFT collection, merges physical media and digital entities into 42 on-and-only fragments of video sculptures stored on Ethereum blockchain.

The collection is the culmination of TUNDRA’s experiment, capturing a moment of transition between being and non-being in a mixed-reality audiovisual installation. The interstice, a fleeting moment between physical and virtual realms, is illuminated by light, acting as a conductor for the dynamic interplay between the two worlds.

The implementation of INEXISTENCE combines visual and sound generative algorithms of ROW installation with holographic displays and LED screen, serving as a gateway to the virtual dimension. The mixed-reality experience was generated in real-time and recorded using camera tracking, providing a shift of visual perspective that enhances the dimensions of the video sculpture in both physical and virtual space. Due to the interconnection between generative algorithms and robotic movements, INEXISTENCE’s altered perspective can only exist and solely manifest in video form.

The moment of interaction between the virtual and analog realm is captured by custom-programmed industrial robot and stored on a blockchain as a unique video-fragment of the experiment.

By blending different media and technologies and experimenting with physicality and virtuality, TUNDRA highlights their harmonious coexistence, creating a composition of randomness that captures the essence of technological art. NFT serves as a synergetic tool at the intersection of audiovisual expression and code, creating a link between the artwork and the audience through blockchain technology.

As an INEXISTENCE NFT holder, collectors gain access to all upcoming TUNDRA exhibitions and are automatically added to a white-list for future NFT drops. The support of collectors helps fund TUNDRA’s solo exhibition project and establishes a meaningful connection between the artwork and collector.

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