Vincent Ubags Raving Art Manifests Itself In More Ways Than One

Belgian graphic designer Vincent Ubags is a self-taught prodigy who has presented his works in expositions, festivals, and in a digital context. As both a painter and motion designer, Ubags has produced art that is entirely individualized to his particularly innovative style. He has demonstrated a versatility that is manifested through several modes such as portrait painting, typography, technical drawings, sketches, and motion design clips. His work can be described as bursting with an energy that is simply superb. The elements seen in his paintings are fascinating, viewers can take in intricately woven patterns of color and dexterous motifs embedded within.

Ubags’ talent doesn’t end there, with his incredible affinity for motion graphic design. Quirky and imaginative ideas come alive through his knack for rendering exquisite visual compositions of illusory consistencies. Through his feed, you can find clips of lollipops wreaking havoc on particle structures or a stream of water mystically sprouting grass from dirt or contemporary views of an artificial landscape.

Ubags does not fail to enchant viewers with the translation of his art into fashion. Working with the brand Aventure des Toiles, he collaborated in creating stunning designs for various articles of clothing. Vincent Ubags is a creative force who is shaking things up in the realm of contemporary art.

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