Willian Santiago’s Decorously Cultured Illustrations

Willian Santiago's Decorously Cultured Illustrations

The Brazilian artist, Willian Santiago, utilizes digital illustration and watercolor to create his striking imagery. The focus is on shapely figures and ornamenting them with pattern, texture, and elegant coloration. In many of his pieces, the whole silhouette seems to behold and bear a purpose or story, told by its choice of symbols and contextual meaning within the space of the entire image.

Willian Santiago's Decorously Cultured Illustrations

Santiago’s refined orientation to chromatic selection invigorate and exalt the level of impact these illustrations carry. Viewers can indulge in Santiago’s creative knack for conjuring up images with a special degree of flawlessness with captured symmetry and flow of movement simply cannot go unnoticed. His characters are inventive and brought into existence with so much detail and meaning, even in drawings that employ the more minimal aesthetic.

Willian Santiago's Decorously Cultured Illustrations

The artist is gifted with adept illustration that can ebb and flow between styles, but that ultimately remains loyal to the style of Santiago. Diversity is heavily emphasized in his works as well, with figures of varying color represented and expressed in such a ravishing way. He exudes such a degree of culture and identity with these images, it is absolutely delightful to embrace Willian Santiago’s debonair artistry.

Willian Santiago's Decorously Cultured Illustrations


All images: Willian Santiago

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