X-Architecture Create Wine Tasting Space Within A Geothermal Context

X-Architecture Create Wine Tasting Space

When a spirit of experimenting and a passion for architecture coalesce, the multidisciplinary company X-Architecture (XA) euphorically emerges.

The head team includes Dimitri Chaava, Stelios Psaltis, Soso Eliava, and Basil Argyropoulos; all who are well educated and equipped to venture into architectural empiricism. X-Architecture was founded in the United Kingdom, operating from offices in London and Tbilisi, Georgia.

X-Architecture Create Wine Tasting Space

Their services are based in fields like digital development, virtual/augmented reality, and industrial design, giving clients a product that is established in a multipronged approach. The projects currently featured include an office building, a hotel, a shading pavillion, and a wine tasting centre called “Shilda”. The contours and configuration of cosmetic elements facilitate a celebration of picturesque architectural design.

X-Architecture Create Wine Tasting Space

X-Architecture constructs heavenly silhouettes with a basis in shapely notions, evidently seen in this nuanced wine tasting facility. Located in Kakheti, Georgia, the curvature of beams provide a structure for natural forces to maintain the integrity of the building. Using the soil’s temperature, the wine that is stored within is incubated in such a way that establishes an organic environment. 3 hills are protruding to offer 3 different functions: storage of wine, tasting space for wine, and a knowledge hub for wine. This smart design considers ecological factors while achieving the highest level of design and commercialism.

X-Architecture Create Wine Tasting Space


Photography/Renderings by Michael Archviz Studio

Architect: X-architecture


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