PANAMEA – The Stylish City Bicycle

PANAMEA -City Bicycle

The PANAMEA challenge was to create a stylish city bicycle that makes the customers’ life easier.

The name is the concept essence – a city bicycle as light as a feather. Designed in Romania and visually inspired by the aero track bikes, its fluid design, with curvy lines, round edges and aerodynamic shape give it a sporting profile which creates distinctive and head-turning road presence. The black matt finish and the aluminum branding letters give a premium look. Besides the design, PANAMEA had to be lightweight too, so the parts were choosing to have a light weight, a stylish design and to be reliable. All these attributes make from PANAMEA a thrilling experience.

PANAMEA -City Bicycle

PANAMEA is a Romanian city bicycle brand, built by two advertising creatives with vintage bicycles refurbishing and t-shirt businesses background. After 4 years of refurbishing vintage bikes – Atelierele Grivița – Cătălin Stanciu teamed up with Daniel Moisa – UaiUai t-shirt company – and channeled their creative energy and their experience in advertising to create a lightweight and fashionable city bicycle. And so, on 1st of May 2018 they launched PANAMEA –the city bike as light as a feather.

PANAMEA -City Bicycle
PANAMEA -City Bicycle
PANAMEA -City Bicycle


Founders – Daniel Moisa, Catalin Stanciu

Photographer – Vitalie Brega

All images with courtesy of PANAMEA

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