FAAB Prototypes The Vertical Oasis Building Oriented To Achieve Eco-Goals

FAAB Prototypes The Vertical Oasis Building

A Vertical Oasis Building, prototyped by FAAB is given the geometry, which helps to achieve eco-goals while in the area of aesthetics, it complies with the ECO-DNA of the building.

Thought to be located in densely populated towns, it took example on the multifunctional buildings including retail, office, hotel, and residential spaces. When combined with the ground heat pumps, it acts as the local heat distribution center for the buildings surrounding it. Each of the components, creating the external layer of the building plays the most important role. The white opaque parts of the facade are made of BIPV active panels while the glazing is using clear view power technology. They both are responsible for the production of electricity, harvested from the sun.  The vertical garden, located within designed niches, is composed of the multifunctional VOS WCC modular panels. This technology, developed through the research and development process, is responsible for changing the environment in the vicinity of the building.

FAAB Prototypes The Vertical Oasis Building
FAAB Prototypes The Vertical Oasis Building

The combination of carefully selected plants and microorganisms, supported by building systems and closed-circulation strategies, purifies the air of CO2, NOx, and PM pollution. The natural process of transpiration helps to humidify and cool the air. The composition of chosen plants helps to reduce noise pollution due to their absorption and deflection properties, as well as sound wave refraction.

The green layer is the vital element of the stormwater management, within the site as well as the close vicinity of the building. Depending on the location of the site it might exclude the necessity to connect the building to the local rainwater networks. The green layer is meant to be a house for different life forms. As an amplifier of the bio-diversity, it helps to preserve species threatened by extinction. 

FAAB Prototypes The Vertical Oasis Building

The prototype layer of the building is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The matrix of the plants and microorganisms is individually specified depending on the location and its challenges. The layer reduces the demand of the building to cold up to 66% (calculated with the Arabian Gulf region), and heat by 30% (calculated for Sweden).

FAAB Prototypes The Vertical Oasis Building


Photography with courtesy of FAAB Architektura


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