Moving Space Hackathon


PIX Moving Space is a robo-vehicle generated by self-driving technology. It doesn’t have a steering wheel or driver’s seat, but the space can fit any living scenario. Imagine a mobile space where you can enjoy a dedicated living space: sip coffee in a mobile cafe, read a beloved book in a mobile on-demand bookstore, take a nap in a mobile lounge or watch a movie in a mobile cinema, and even train in a Moving Gym on the way back.


  • Design and build based on the PIX Moving Space model
  • Focus on interior decoration and the use of Moving Space
  • Present the lifestyle on Moving Space, combining culture and achievable business model
  • Meet industrial Production standards using the AAM™ platform
  • Initiate fundraising with the project plan (users will decide its site)
  • Co-create with global innovators


A complete project presentation in pptx/pdf format, using RGB color, 300 DPI resolution, and any single file should not exceed 300MB;


Description of the design concept

  • Research of users and business models
  • PoC (Proof of Concept) Operational Plans (Proposed Operational Areas, Partners, Operational Modes, etc.)
  • Graphic design applied to mobile space – Graphic rendering of industrial design, scene rendering, interior rendering

User experience process

Description of the selection of materials and manufacturing processes

  • 3D digital model of the design (optional)
  • Will be used in addition to your design project. Acceptable formats include, but are not limited to: pix, Alias, Pro_E, UG, Catia, Maya, 3D Max, and Rhino.


  • Prize pool ($15,000)
  • Global media exposure
  • Design Rights Validation – Get Exclusive NFT Mobile Space
  • Become a key contributor to DeAuto DAO by acquiring DAT/POAP
  • Moving Space Shop Project Incubation and Operating Revenues
  • Visit PIX C-zone (Smart Manufacturing Factory), watch and participate in your Moving Space production

Pricing will be announced June 15, 2023.

Cash prize: $15,000.00

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