Simone Vezzani’s Dark Surrealistic Fantasies

To be able to channel the dark genius of the late Alexander McQueen is no easy feat, but from the complex imagination of Simone Vezzani viewers are given precisely that. His aesthetic language focuses on conflicting textures, deep emotional forces, the sublimities of appearance and dark surrealistic fantasies. Using CGI as his focal expressive medium, Vezzani shows a fascination with the science behind material’s natural capabilities, and he uses this to fashion indistinguishably real models of the surreal.

Many of Vezzanis’ pieces, because of their precision of detail, resemble the results from laser scan microscopy. Vezzani doesn’t shy away from utilizing simulated textures, but pushes the limits of materiality making metallic surfaces exactingly jagged through displacement mapping, or ultra smooth and transiently vivid by mixing materials.

Vezzani also uses wings, gold and heads in much of his work; he plays with light to evoke emotional contexts for his models to be viewed through. At times Vezzani intentionally blurs the line between differing material types through color. Soft plastics or latex beads can be found entwined with liquid metalloids or human flesh, creating an ornate and intelligent result.

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