The 2nd Global Luxury Digital Innovation Summit 2023

The 2nd Global Luxury Digital Innovation Summit 2023


Society is changing at a breakneck pace, and so is the luxury industry. The development of digital strategies, changing consumer preferences and many other external factors contribute to changing innovation trends in the luxury industry.

Unlike in the past, the luxury industry relies more on physical stores which aim to provide better shopping experiences to customers. The industry now combines online shopping and physical stores with digital innovations such as web3.0, metaverse and NTFs to satisfy different customer shopping habits.

This conference will focus on discussing the main digital strategies and trends of the luxury industry in recent days, highlighting new concepts, challenging existing theories of luxury marketing and proposing effective digital marketing strategies.

In the context of how the luxury industry is responding to climate change and promoting sustainable development. The summit will provide brand owners with a recipe to strengthen their ability to achieve long-term digital transformation while preserving the legacy of luxury brands in a digital world to conquer the global market in 2023 and beyond.


  • From Searing Recovery to Breakthrough: The Evolution of the Future of Luxury
  • Data transformation strategies for luxury brands
  • The future of the luxury industry, driven by technological innovation
  • How the Metaverse and Live Shopping Can Boost Luxury Consumer Engagement and Brand Loyalty
  • Building Brands Digitally: How Brands Are Creating a Closed-Loop O2O Shopping Experience for Luxury Consumers
  • Attract luxury consumers with KOL and content marketing on TikTok
  • How the virtual and augmented reality platform is boosting luxury retail
  • NFT Digital Collection Development: How Luxury Automakers Leverage Metaverse Marketing
  • Round table: Opportunities and challenges of the luxury industry in Web 3.0
  • Digital and sustainable innovations serving the transformation of luxury
  • Innovative Social Media Retail Strategies Help Luxury Brands Deliver Premium Services Online
  • How can luxury brands create a strategy for progressive customer transformation in the digital age?
  • Case Sharing: How Blockchain Attracts Luxury Brands
  • The Challenges the Travel Retail Industry Needed to Solve to Catch Up with Updated Customer Shopping Behaviors
  • Liberating the development of brand marketing in the concept of sustainability
  • Presenting and solidifying the brand’s DNA in the foreign context: localization marketing
  • Exploring the close relationship between the luxury second-hand market and the circular economy

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