VA8`s weekly selection playlist #3

We may like the video, we may like the song.

Jeremy Sean Hector – Night Flight

Katie MAC – It is what it is

ATLiens – Obsidian Vortex

K?d – Three in the morning Feat. Cecilia Gault

Emi Jeen – Everything, something, nothing

Blondeking – In that moment

The great Indoors – Her

Carly Rose – Brokenhearted

Braxton Cook – “Statistics”

Tommy Gunn – OUT THE BLUE

Dan Whitehouse – The Glass Age

MALU – Never on time

CryJaxx – Tokyo Drift Feat. Sinny

Topo – Bien et toí Feat. sophie meiers & carpetgarden

whtamess – Tribe

Olly Hite – Know what I mean?

Neighbours – Friends

Rena Jones – Another Night Alone

Paccu – Better Run

RicoCreepo- Dog Food Feat. Momo HPG & Rio the Ruler

Patient Lounge – Hard Truth

Lexi Cline – Orange Juice

Minimal Orchestra – Beat 2

Nhoah – Rave22

Penny Roox – House on the moon

Lagun – Driving to Berlin


Aradia – Gamma

Idahams – Gratitude

$aroti Zoom – Tyson

The Moss – Insomnia

STRATA – Turn me around

Island Asylum – Tomorrow is another day

Elin Grace – Breathe

Shiah Maisel – Nunb the pain


DedElectric – Reflection

Dome Dwellers – Wide Awake

Rudi Resch – Blue Skies

KESMAR – Out of Luck

Chis Waters – Standin outside a broken phone booth with money in my hand

Greg Dallas – Sea Foam Feat. Jan Esbra

Shanae – Illusions

Ally Ahern – My posters

No Fltr – All your love

Neobrite – Drive

Nate Fenn – Who`s it gonna be??

ECHLO – Beat Drops

SpaceAcre – Chemicals

Snark – Ett Hav

Elýščítat – ”I Forgot”

Eva Snyder – gives you hell

chemical club – Hurt Happens

Radniik – /ix. Feat. Tashabu

Bryn Ryan-VanDyke – Go Long

Crooks & Nannies – control

TRE – Pura Vida Feat. Julia Thomsen

The Montreals – Wasting Time

SYNFLEX – Takeoff Feat. Bass Boost

George Solonos – Winter Sand Feat. John Waugh

Mike Aragón – Paint

Emeryld – Bombs Away

FLAVA – Oblivion

Miles Away – Happy tears Feat- Runn & Aymen

Left on Tenth – Calor

Greg Herzenach – A simpleway

Punishment – Where I am Feat. Oun-p

dayghost – Call it love Feat. Sidi

Boo Riley – Ghost

Nature TV – Long Rein

Lexi Cline – So this is love


The Fold – Young and free

LDN Monos – Samsara

Laff – Pool


dwi – Party4one

Alex Paclin – Someday

A sight in veracity – Not even for a second?

Moli – Crying in the Swimming Pool

Dacris – Sun after Headache Feat. AnaiD

BRODIE – Casamigos

Trauma Cat – The Reporter

Zoe Gabrielle – lonely+sadgirl

BLANCA808 – I`ll never go back

SHUAH – OZ Feat. Frank Leone & Reuben Reuel

Cosme de la Cruz – Amber

Indi Faulkner – Reality

Ciao Malz – Around

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