Wannaby’s App Allows Consumers To Virtually Try On Items

The future of consumer focused augmented reality has arrived in the Wannaby company’s digital application suite. Wanna Kicks, Wanna Nails and Wanna Jewellery, are just three iterations of their real-time, at home, product try on technology, which will revolutionize the try before you buy industry. Being pacesetters in this newly budding AR commerce trend, Wannaby is taking cues from varying levels of tech and consumer demand to offer a simple, hands on, deep learning app that scans your measurements and gives you the power to try on items immediately from their wide ranging inventory.

How it works is simple, all one has to do is download the selected app, point the camera at the predefined location, then scroll through a list of available merchandise to see how they will look on without ever having to leave their home. Imagination has been given a sci-fi boost in this usefully original and charming technology.


For more information, visit the Wannaby website

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