TheDizzyViper on his incredible cars and cyberpunk universe

A conversation with TheDizzyViper about his incredible sci-fi universe

Please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Fabian also known as TheDizzyViper on social media and I’m a 25 year old 3D
visual artist from Italy.

How did you get into art and what motivates you to create?

Originally music production got me into visual art. I was in need of cover art and visualizers for my releases and stumbled upon Beeple, who at the time did free visualizers on his website along with the source files. After a few weeks I thought to myself “how do you actually do this?” and looked for free 3D software where I found blender which from that point on I used for about 1.5 years.

After that I switched to Cinema4D because blender didn’t hit the spot for me, it always felt a
bit uncomfortable back then and with C4D especially with Octane Render it clicked. And to learn faster I adopted Beeple’s daily project, the creation of a fully finished render every
single day and I’ve been doing so for almost 6 years now.

A conversation with TheDizzyViper about his incredible sci-fi universe

What memory do you recall most vividly from childhood about your creative talent?

Actually nothing in particular, I wasn’t particularly artsy back then, I drew and painted as much as any other child I guess. The whole creative world started only when I was about 13-
14 years old after discovering Skrillex and wanting to become a producer. But I never became good at that, but 3Dart instead.

How would you best describe your style and who/what are some of your major influences?

I think I can’t quite describe my style, I definitely have tendencies towards cars and cyberpunk, but since I do what I like every single day there are many different styles and
genres I do. One day it could be nature, next day sci-fi, next day dieselpunk, I never know.
That’s the fun about it.

A conversation with TheDizzyViper about his incredible sci-fi universe

What is part of the creative process that you would rather avoid, and part that you can’t get enough of?

Something I’d like to avoid are creativeblocks, which are definitely part of the process. If you
create something everyday you probably will experience artblocks, where you just can’t come up with something, especially in the beginning. It’s a really annoying thing, but part of
it, and it gets better with time. My favourite part about creating is the joy I get when I finish a piece that I’m happy with, or that turned out particularly good, and environment design in

How does commercial pressure and the business of art effect, shape, or guide your creative decisions?

It doesn’t influence my art too much. I try to get into the Artspace and make it as a full-time
artist, but I want to do it my way, with things I enjoy, in hopes that the right people see my
potential. That’s why I don’t create “what’s trending now”, because I know, I that turns out to work out while it’s something I don’t like doing, then I’ll be in this trap where I’m known for something that I actually don’t even enjoy doing.

My first real success with what I love doing was actually the Barnfind renders. Those were a huge success and after a long social media drought, showed me again that I can do it my own way and it can work out eventually. Another thing that I do to not have commercial pressure is that I have a part time job to cover the bills and not make me financially dependent of my art just now. If I was, I would have to pretty much accept every single commission I get offered wether I like it or not, and that would destroy my passion eventually. So I work at my grandparents hotel as a side job, something that isn’t my passion and has absolutely nothing to do with art. It’s perfect.

A conversation with TheDizzyViper about his incredible sci-fi universe

Your favorite book, song, film.

I can’t really name a favourite song because I listen to music so much, but I LOVE Boards of
Canada, Sex Pistols, Aphex Twin, Cults, and 90s Hip Hop. My favourite films are Pulp Fiction, The Hateful Eight, District 9 and Jumper.

Send a message to your future self.

I don’t know if you made it, but I know you’re happy, you’ve always been. Keep on doing what you love doing, never stop.

A conversation with TheDizzyViper about his incredible sci-fi universe
A conversation with TheDizzyViper about his incredible sci-fi universe

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