“Eau de Space” Brings The Sense Of Space Ventures

What does Space smell like? We connected with NASA to bring the world’s first perfume, independently verified by actual astronauts, down to Earth.

Decades ago, NASA contracted specialists to developed the “smell of space” to help train astronauts before launch into orbit. NASA’s goal of simulating Space during training is to eliminate any surprises Astronauts might experience in Outer Space. Practice makes perfect, and it is Rocket Science. The Smell of Space has been locked behind “Need to Know”, Astronaut only field training, and Red Tape for years. Through shear determination, grit, a lot of luck, and a couple of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, we got it out. We’ve all had Space Ice Cream…this takes it a step further.


NASA partnered with award winning perfumers, some of the best in the world, and secured the rights to launch this product exclusively. Our team consists of top Fashion, Tech, Design, and Logistics experience–all with a desire to increase STEM through experiential education. “Eau de Space” is our first product launch under this important initiative, and we hope there will be many more.

“I first developed this for NASA back in 2008 and meanwhile, we are delighted to be supporting Matt and the Kick-Starter “Eau de Space” fund raising for STEM education“ – Steve Pearce, Omega Ingredients Ltd



Images with courtesy of Eau de Space



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