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Emily Stollery Unifies The Disparate Materials


Led by the seductive properties of materials, process and assemblage then run in parallel in order for the work to emerge somewhere in-between.

Materials meet instinct to create forms born out of spontaneity; the in the moment to and from of maker and material. How it feels, functions, breaks. All through the touch of my hand. My body perhaps becoming the most significant tool in this process. Surfaces not quite right, imperfections showcased. These forms, in their purity, reference the struggle of the processes they were born from. A not so perfect form formed perfectly. Allowing chance and indeterminacy to exist as a parameter for making. Whilst these objects allude to many things, they are at the same time non-representational. No one set answer, nor reading. Current work brings together different strains of making to one space. And it is here where harmonic relationships and interactions begin to unfold. Disparate materials unified through their manipulation.


There’s a constant remaking, reworking, reinventing. Iteration after iteration not once existing in the same configuration. A practice that sits in a constant state of flux. I choose to shift and reappropriate the natural associations we have with these materials, in a way that somewhat goes against the ‘rules’ of my chosen medium. Breaking them out of the confines of what we know they are capable of, and perhaps suggesting an alternative. Seemingly hard transformed to a fluid form. Softness, frozen solidly in a fixed state. Alluding to many things leaves you suspended in a state of unknowingness. For why should you need to know everything?





All images with courtesy of Emily Stollery


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