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Imaginary Forces Captures The Way How Society Clings Onto The Humanity

Watch this cinematic title sequence on Apple TV+ for a story that hits very close to home. The slow-moving mist creates a tense feeling, obscuring everything in the frame. Its thickness looms in the air as it reveals and hides things.

Letters of the title are composed in scenes to give a foreboding effect creating a sense of dread that is hovering over empty cities all over the world from New York to Tokyo to London. When there are people, they are alone. The sequence is an eerie and daunting environment capturing the ways society is clinging onto humanity.


Creative Director: Tosh Kodama

Compositor: Matt Johnson

Animators: Henry Chang, Max Strizich, Eric Demeusy, Jason Dunn, Jens Mebes, Ivan Cruz

Editor: Lexi Gunvaldson

flame artist: Lin Wilde

intern: Cathy Xiao

Head of the Production: Ryan Burcham

Producer: Keith Bryant

Coordinator: Megan Catoe

Images with courtesy of Imaginary Forces



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