Hardmetacore Creates Bold And Beautiful CGI And 3D Renderings

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Alessandra Vuillermin, popularly known on Instagram as @Hardmetacore, shows the world the beauty that can be found in CGI art.

Her 3D renderings have begun to transport her followers into a completely new world that she has created with amazingly realistic detailing on each of her creations. Vuillermin has stated that she found love within her computer, the source of technology allowing her to create a world that ties her together with her art. In her work she often plays on the “larger than life” technique, giving her models more over-exaggerated features, yet allowing these beautiful features to be showcased. Vuillermin gravitates towards woman models and often places them in a fairytale-like place, such as a young woman riding on light coral colored firearms.

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The detailing on Vuillermin’s work is a sight to behold, such as the dozens of strands of hair on the model’s head to a teardrop escaping from her eye. The human-like imagery is what makes her work stand out, and makes you feel as though you are being transported to the world that she has created. The women she has rendered have bold personalities, often seen by the expressions that they make or the movement that she has captured them in. These images are sometimes provocative and passionate in a variety of different ways, such as the bright colors of the model’s hair, their big and multi-colored eyes, to the uncovering of her body. There is a distinct boldness to Vuillermin’s work that continues to move the CGI art world into a progressive and innovative state. 

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Images with courtesy of Hardmetacore


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