Atelier Satoshi Takijiri Architects Renovates Machiya In Kyoto


Project of a hotel for rent by Atelier Satoshi Takijiri Architects is renovated Machiya in Kyoto.

The two buildings face a row house with the frontage of one as compact. I thought about the appearance as a new hotel while preserving the traditional Machiya style that has been dismantled with history. 



There is an internal space that is sandwiched between the gardens with a front yard and a back yard unique to Kyomachiya. In the interior space, there was an abundance of being able to acquire our own garden and sky while being sandwiched between cities. This richness was designed to create a hotel where luxury and Japanese culture live together.



The floating floor, like the porch connecting the front yard to the backyard, was extended from the interior space to the exterior space (backyard). Inside the floor was a hollow where people stood, and it was a lounge and living room. From the sunken lounge, the gaze falls into the garden at the level of the eyes lying down on the veranda. “ENGAWA” is a Japanese culture and a cultural device that connects people and people to the environment. I would like to treat such cultural devices as Japanese architects. I want to convey the appearance of Japan to travelers from all over the world in space.



Photography by Atsushi Shiotani with courtesy of Atelier Satoshi Takijiri Architects

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