Antireality Integrates The Pool Within A Body Of Blue House


The BLUE HOUSE Project is a conceptual design of a summer house located on the rocky Bahamas Cliff.

The name of the building pertains not only to the color of the facade alone but also to a pool that is integrated with the body of the building. Owing to its location, the water reservoir influences the space of the entire house and changes its nature depending on the recipient’s location. For the observer beyond the building, the pool is interpreted as a water façade of the building; the user inside the house perceives the pool as a ‘transparent’ room serving as a panoramic window (that allows one to observe both people swimming in the pool and the landscape filtered by the water surface), from the perspective of the terrace it is an infinity pool that forms a water viewing point for watching the surrounding wildlife.


This 95 square meter-large house comprises a residential story and a terrace that covers the entire roof space. The structure of the building is based on two construction walls supporting the weight of the overhanging part of the house and the space of the pool supported by a rocky slope. The house is accessed via a small path that allows one to enter the building at the level of the cliff. One of the key project assumptions was to create a building whose spacious roof would play the role of a home garden/yard. On clear days, this space can be turned into an open-air living room that will become the heart of the house.

This multifunctional space is designed as a combination of an entrance area, a terrace, a relaxation area, a garden, and a pool. ANTIREALITY is a conceptual world built on the basis of abstract ideas about reality. It is a space that escapes realism and pragmatism and is dedicated to exploring ideas that oftentimes can be neither adapted to the existing reality nor implemented. Images are a record of my mental journey through the fictional world of Antireality. This journey is not only a search for nonstandard ideas, but also inspiring paths of visual expression. The alternative world of


Antireality is characterised by the absence of limitations and standards, it is an experimental space that at times borders between dream and reality. Antireality is a diary of my architectural imaginations and non-materialised ideas aiming to stimulate recipients’ imagination. ANTIREALITY is a design studio dedicated to exploring futuristic and imaginative architectural concepts and ideas. Established in the mid of 2018, function as an artistic oasis that allows recipients to be taken into a world deprived of boundaries and limitations.




Images with courtesy of Antireality


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