Chungi Yoo And The Modern Illustrations For Female Empowerment


Chungi Yoo, an art director and illustrator based in Frankfurt, Germany, is anywhere near an ordinary artist.

Yoo is an avid activist and displays that in her artwork that she creates. Her primary focus is on portraits of women in which she primarily uses pastel and bright coloring. Yoo uses a model and photographer that inspires her and then moves forward in creating her own portrait. She not only does portrait stills, but has also created animations in which the model’s hair is blowing – adding audio which has showcased the beautiful talent of the woman she has drawn. Recently Yoo has begun using flowers in her portraits and often writes in her posts what has inspired the image, such as thoughts she has seen from Twitter. Some pieces she has created were inspired by other Instagram artists, while still reflecting her own unique touch.


All of these accumulations on her work show the modern take that she has on art and how she sees the world. Her portraits on women have also adapted within the last few months as being a voice in such historic times. She has begun adding dialogue in her illustrations around women of color to show the derogatory remarks that these specific communities hear and see on the internet. She shows her passion behind fighting for all nationalities, proving the importance of her work and the message that she is trying to get across. 

She has drawn beautiful images inspired from the view of a black trans women, an Asian woman, a Muslim woman, and a Latina woman to challenge the derogatory comments she sees against these communities on social media. Her art works to showcase the beauty that she visualizes, and to raise awareness to what she feels needs to change as she vocalizes the statement “we are worthy.”






All images with courtesy of Chungi Yoo


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