Blast Studio Designs Striking Objects From Nature


Unique and striking objects made from waste and living organisms.

There is no waste in nature, the trash of an organism is the ressource of another one. Inspired by these natural ecosystems, we created a cycle where urban waste is transformed thanks to fungi into striking unique objects. Our objects are shaped by humans and taken over by natural organisms. We collect coffee cup waste in London that we mix with mycelium, the roots of fungi. We sculpt and 3d print this mix to make objects on which the fungi grows. The organism feeds off the waste and transforms it into a sustainable biomaterial. While growing, the mycelium creates a smooth skin that solidifies the pieces and gives it a velvet-like touch.


The organism takes unique colors from creme white to yellow and brown and creates unpredictable patterns. The shapes of the objects take inspiration from the geometries of nature. They are designed to enhance the mycelium growth and to give to the organisms the most freedom of appropriation. Like cactus, our shapes create micro-climate pockets that capture humidity in the air and protect the organisms during their growth. We like to see how the living mycelium takes over the shapes we conceive digitally and how it contributes to the aesthetic composition of the pieces. Once fully grown, the mycelium is deactivated and the unique object is ready to find its home.







Paola Garnousset, Pierre de Pingon and Martin Detoeuf

All images with courtesy of Blast Studio

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