WTBA HOUSE By NADA Studio Joins The Diverse Aspects Of Design


Designed for a cliff outside of Papallacta, Ecuador. NADA Studio has conceived ‘WTBA HOUSE’ to combine the solidity of concrete with the warmness of wood and the lightness of glass.

The project proposes a low single-story residence topped with a terrace and a pool. Design for a young guy who enjoys being alone, the house separate strategically the private from the social area. On one side we have the living room (social area) and the stairs that take you to the roof, where you will find the social pool and a terrace to enjoy with friends.


On the other side of the house, divided by the garage, you will find the kitchen and behind it the master and only bedroom, where you have your own pool to enjoy exercising right above the cliff with an infinity looking pool. Also, you will have a walking closet that will take you to the clear bathroom where you could take a bath on the bathtub looking right to the cliff, giving you the feeling to be floating.








Location: Papallacta, Ecuador

Year: 2020

Type: Residential, Bachelor’s house

Architecture: NADA Studio

Design: Sebastian Benitez

Renders: Gabriel Orsini

Photography with courtesy of NADA studio


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