Majestic Architectural Landscapes By George Brad

George Brad Visual Atelier 8 art 1.jpg

My inspiration for drawing architectural landscapes comes from the fact that I have prepared most of my life to become an architect – since I was 7.

Despite this, after I got myself into an architectural college I realized fast that I was more inclined into the entertainment industry, where I can paint and draw fantasy or sci-fi sceneries more freely rather than do something really grounded (like in the architectural field).

George Brad Visual Atelier 8 art 3.jpg

When I draw and imagine a new architectural piece, I often dream about the tribe or civilization that lives there and try to guess their daily life like: Where would they store their food? What transportation do they use? What kind of shapes their buildings have? Etc. I believe this mental exercise brings me the most joy out of the process and as a bonus, I still have an art piece that I can share with the world at the end, which is quite cool. That being said, I usually spend around 60% of my drawing time in Photoshop and the rest of it working traditionally with pencils and markers on paper (mostly sketching and scribbling when my eyes get tired of the computer screen). I try to „steal” and learn everything I can from every artist I admire while bringing my original touch to each piece.

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Images with courtesy of George Brad

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