Intriguing Roommates Collection Designed By Barbora

Visual Atelier 8 roomates Barbora 87.jpg

“Roommates” is a collection of anthropomorphic furniture designed to intrigue human emotions and change the way how we perceive everyday objects around us.

Alongside the industrialization of production, the standardization of design began, provoking a similarity of produced goods, inert or shorter-term consumption, and a monotony of everyday experience. Although industrial and technological achievements are encouraging, the emotional connection between an object and a person gradually disappeared; objects more often became replaced with new ones. The aim of the “Roommates” project is to question whether it is necessary to give emotional value to objects and how it could change the daily human routine or consumption habits. All pieces in the collection are sculpted with a material created by the designer, consisting of wood dust, pigments, and wood glue. The pieces are handmade in limited editions.

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Stool, 44x35x44 cm

Magazine Rack, 44x25x46 cm

Coffee Table, 112x77x33 cm

Photography with courtesy of Barbora

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