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Fashion Explorations Of Socio-Cultural Trends By William Hildebrand

William Hildebrand Visual Atelier 8 FASHION 6.jpg

William Hildebrand is a NYC-based trends & color designer.

His current role at Fashion Snoops aims at exploring macro socio-cultural trends and analyzing how they influence product design. In addition to constantly being on the lookout for the latest innovations, he also works as a consultant for apparel & footwear brands in order to help their teams identify top-layer conversations, creative direction, marketing activations, and key colors with cultural relevance in mind. Recently William initiated a personal project where he imagines conceptual sneakers through untapped collaborations or unreleased colorways of existing designs – Salomonsters. When asked about his process, William says:

William Hildebrand Visual Atelier 8 FASHION 1.jpg

“I select my favorite details from several existing designs and merge them into a new conceptual “monster” hybrid. One could say I’m upcycling e-commerce imagery to extend their life cycle. This experimental design process allows me to think without restrictions, imagine dream collaborations and be a source of inspiration to the designers who’ve inspired me in the first place. I’m heavily influenced by running, the outdoors, and sneaker culture. I try to bring these worlds together through Salomonsters. This project is the result of my passion for performance footwear, color & materials. It’s a creative process that I find relaxing, therapeutic almost.”

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Images with courtesy of William Hildebrand



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