Palm Angels And Under Armour Release “Recovery” Capsule Collection


Francesco Ragazzi, the Milanese artistic director of Moncler, and the founder of the California streetwear inspired Palm Angels brand, has teamed up with Under Armour to release a recovery apparel capsule collection that is like something out of the DC universe. This recovery apparel collection converts body heat into self healing infrared light, and bridges high-tech with fashion in a way that even fiction has failed to prognosticate.

Photo-biostimulation, also known as light therapy, has been used for over 30 years to aid top performing athletes to recover after strenuous physical exertion. Infrared light or IR, penetrates deep into bodily tissues stimulating repair though promoting circulation as a kind of self enhancement therapy. Because Ragazzi rose to prominence by masterfully mingling Los Angeles skater chic with Italian felicity (which is not always so easy), for him to make Kryptonian sportswear palatable to a larger clientele, makes this Palm Angels collaboration all the more fitting.

Celliant, the company that produces the clinically tested responsive textile technology used by Under Armour in this collection, is the daughter company of an award-winning diversified tech firm named Hologenix: who names nanotech and photonics as two of its key industries.


With the universal adoration of sports being a ubiquitous pastime, injuries, and thus restorative non-invasive therapies have always been sought. This need, as with the development of future textiles, has given Under Armour and Palm Angels the opportunity to show us what modern superpowers can resemble.


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