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VA8 weekly selection #5

We may like the video, we may like the song.

Shaw Shaw – Every Moment with you

mike baretz – Worth It

Ailsha – R.I.P.(dead to me)

Ayane Yamazaki – Mimosa

Hazel Brown – Keep Going

Kings Elliot – Ashes by the morning

Jonny Ong – Don`t wake me from this dream

Chico Harpo – Ya got me

Polarize – Clue

George Kam – Dream

Pie Eye Collective – Land of wood and water

Art Uro – Heropath pt. 2

Sin Cos Tan – Endless

Deaf Andrews – S.O.S

Ian Buller – Like You

Amber Lights – Reeny Smith

GZ Grant – Bonds of Love

Black Lilys – New Era

Adibanti – Obfuscate

Jackson Fig – Good Time

Adam Jesin – Imprisoned

Half Tangerine – Words are Heavy

Yael Hayen – Spasm Instigator

Doc Rhombus – Alive Now

Henry Aberson – Vibe A

fob – Golden Days Feat. Ellae

Jess Balwin – Home

Alexander Craig – When times are hard

Sunmates – Know your love

The Confusions – You go! You go! You go!

Der Waldläufer – Flow Feat. AURORA.DRONE

Brody Price – It was you

Habitat Canada – Stiletto

Blue canopy – Stranger at the door

Marvillous Beats – Adorn

Olma – Lee`s Summit

Cybakeys – We are here

Dust Archive – SP088 Feat. Scattered Light

Mow Mow – Do you like it?

Elna Myburg – Red Skies

1truthmusic – Heyi

Noraa – Sweet Summer Dreams

Tony Loud Wooz – The free free

Bass<>Genix – Fake it

Nikki Taylor – Fake Luv

MIXIE – fucboi

Philomuse – Stuck

Hello1103 – Kawasemi

KAØØS – running

Vera Vinter – Hanna Ekström

Oxygen – Rheum

Kue Varo – Feelin` lucky

damanithesun – RIP

Infinite Sonic – On My own

Alexa Cirri – burn (to make you my love)

Moebius – Imposter

Nova Luther – We`ll be Okay

1 Alone – Bravery

Madison Davenport – Oh Shit!

MIKEH – Walking Hill

Eduardo Rayez – Now it`s too late Feat. Jeanway

Doc Backer – Wish


MAURIKS – Moody Feat. Eliza Legzdina

Ravidrums – Zoom out Feat. Fredrick Halland

Madeline – Y.T.D.

Chance Brown – Helium

Lynn -Shame on you

Subterranean street society – Leaves are falling in the summer

Xico peligroso – Born to change

Diaven – Blu fire

Per QX – Moving On

Richard Carlson Band – Why make disco so dark?

Kin Capa – Who needs Love?

All oak and iron Bound – Monteverde

Nadia Schilling – Morning

Knife Girl – On the line

Doc Backer – Flashy Forms

Disektor – In a world of noise we see symmetry

Tom Booze – Ghetto Rave

Yedi Kat Yabanci – DEVON

Skysia – Fragments Feat. Illoh

Kendra Dantes – Mad Woman Feat. Soulplusming – Moana A

SAMI – Tnioys

Nina Cobham – Self Care

Sweet Tempest – Giving it up

Alec Orachi – Time

Ella Therese – THIRTYFOUR

CAPO BEATZ – Make you mine

Layto – Backfired

Ella Mar – High Anyway

TONICA – Perfect Lie

Olivia Penalva – Assembly Required

Hazlett – Oh Downhill

Felix Kay – Bad Love

Conversin with the oceans – Warning Feat. Nate Fox

Eric Alexandrakis – London Girls

Sasi Shalom – Nedyaj

The house of jed – Watch over me

Liquid Pennies – Secrets Dash

Marina & the kats – Waiting

Urchin – Go On

Faith in Faces – Fall into the Pleasure

The Montreals – Don`t you say

Lucca Mae – Black Magic

UAP – Talita Feat. Katie Tich

80APE- Heat

Seepeoples – Shame

C-Ro – Remedy Feat. Uwe Worlitzer & Don Bnnr

Red town – Blind to the fire

Arliston – Hold my wine

The band Cope – Anyone

Seamus Kelly – Wasted

Hear Hear – Think I`m Doing Better

Acud – Unter Bäumen

Harley Olivia – Cherries

common goldfish – I don`t feel today

Just M – Big Bagz Feat. Daffi

B4thrsday – One of those nights Feat. ryster

Hank Midnight – Undefeated


Gen and the Degenerates – My Perfect

ROJAZ – In the morning

Teddie Collinz – Home

Amanda Raye – Push


Adrian Johnsen – In the cut

Eljuri – Salva la tierra

Left out – Stay Up

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