WGNB Emphasizes The Concept Of Gallery In Renovated BOON THE SHOP 


The perception of looking at clothing varies from person to person. Someone would regard clothing just as a “cover” that wraps around the body, and others would fill the entire room with clothes and just “gather” like a collection without wearing them.

For them, clothing is not only a functional element but serves as a tool to express their personality or a means to show off their social position and wealth. Renewal of BOON THE SHOP Centum city started from the very question “Can’t clothing store be a gallery?” The ways to construct a space also have a lifespan. Familiarity can be nearly an outdated trap. Space should have some unique exciting elements to attract the eyes. It is why the chief designer of WGNB, Jonghwan Baek introduced two objects which disagreed with space subtly. Displayed like artworks in a frame, stone panel and maple tree add warmth to space which almost looks cold.



Natural and artificial materials meet and create a supernatural feeling. Something which shouldn’t exist makes space look better. The designer selected this stone panel as his favorite one by searching one by one among thousands of stone panels in the stone factory. He discovered the beauty of nature that he couldn’t make. Borrowing his expression, it is a  “picture drawn by nature”.

There is another element to express the atmosphere more deeply. It is “Collapse of the formula”. Steel frames replace the role of hanging rods or pipes used in ordinary clothing stores. When all the clothes and hangers are removed, it is unclear whether this space is a clothing store or an art gallery. To emphasize the concept of a gallery, he boldly threw away unnecessary things. Well-created space looks various. I dare say, someone may think “Yes, fashion was a kind of arts, too”, when leaving this store.



Photography with courtesy of WGNB


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