Sustainability Within Case Study House By Marc Thorpe


Perched on the Hollywood hills overlooking Los Angeles is a 5000 sqft private residence designed to bring the surrounding landscape and views inside.

As a tribute to the Case Study houses of the ’50s and ’60s, the CS-2020 house takes its place within the ethos of traditional Modernist architecture. The house is constructed of concrete, steel, wood, and glass. The connections, details, and lighting are all designed to be concealed through the use of recess and soffit. The house is comprised of 3 main programmatic volumes, Living, Sleeping, and Gallery. Hosting the programmed volumes is the circulation or passageways unifying the spaces.


The passages transition from exterior patio to the interior hallway seamlessly, blurring the boundaries of the house. Punctuating the program and circulation are the interior gardens, offering yet another opportunity to bring the landscape into the house. The architecture is an act of physical and perceptual invisibility. Perceptually through its translucency and minimal use of materials and physically through its use of off-grid sustainable systems, such as solar, water harvesting, and composting. The house works in perfect balance with its environment.







Photography with courtesy of Marc Thorpe Design

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