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Onhill Design & Construction Builds A High Privacy Dream House


Jaipan family, the owner of the “Jaipan House” with 6 family members, used to live in their half-wood structure house located in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

With a great opportunity, they decided to plant their new dream house with a local architect. According to the owner, the requirement was to build a high privacy house that suits 6 family members without losing the connection between indoor and surrounding environment. So we design the facade of the house that could block all sight from the surrounding by making a simple geometric solid mass, subtracted with a curved wall to create depth for the main entrance. Timber battens are applied to both bedrooms to create an interesting repetitive pattern from the outside but make an airy and semi-clear vision for both bedrooms which are connected to the garden. These timber components attached to the form would create more depth and dynamic to a solid mass and break harshly boxy form.


The material concept is to create a homelike living within a new house. By using old material like wood slat from the deconstruction. With different language that creates modern architecture without destroying the soul and identical to the old half-wood structure house. All old wood is applied to the owner’s sight, from the old teak slat mounted to the entrance curved wall, to the traditional Thai padauk floor. All exterior brick-walls have applied cement splatter technique to create rough and soft planes, reducing the contrast between wood and rendered wall, also making a smooth blending of two textures together.

Interior space is designed for two subfamilies with separated space, While the central common area connects all rooms together. Proper height split steps are added instead of a solid wall to create flow space boundaries, connecting all the functions without breaking their privacy caused by the amount of family members. As the one-storey house, all the functions in Jaipan house are spread horizontally, so there’s no vertical circulation that makes inconvenient to use and pay attention to the elders in while all of the family’s members could feel connected to the nature that flows close to all living areas, with the wide-open perception of garden and interior space blended together.






Project: ” Jaipan House “
Architect :  Onhill Design & Construction Co.,Ltd.
Engineer & Construction :  Onhill Design & Construction Co.,Ltd.

Location: Chiang Rai, Thailand
Area : 200 sq.m

Photography by Witsawarut Kekina with courtesy of Onhill Design & Construction


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