Comarina House By Cidadela Arquitetos Equates The Various Design Influences


Designed in a plot with dimensions and contours that are configured as an exception to the regular geometries of the other areas of a condominium located in the beach region of Aracaju.

The house is based on a synthetic design to equate the varied set of influences and conditions established in the design process. The architectural program is distributed along three prominent tracks between thresholds, on the longest and most horizontal axis of the lot. In this sense, the first part is spatially and visually related to its adjacent threshold, as well as its central strip, to house activities of a more intense social nature. The third part, where the bedrooms are located, therefore more reserved areas, is directly linked to the threshold that extends it.


The central strip is characterized by the void, which allows expansion or duplication of the contact area of the projected faces with the winds that blow from the east and southeast directions in this region. There is also a subdivision in this environment, which started just at the front of the building by a camouflaged garage, which, without the presence of cars becomes an even more welcoming development; subsequently, a walkway protected by wooden breezes partially reveals what is between its cracks and allows the crossing of the ventilation to the rear; at the end, an outdoor patio articulates the use of the pool with the space of the large room.


The architectural design takes place in parallel with the structural sketch in concrete, with studies that result in lighter volumetries when jumping the building of the soil and when offering a more delicate design for the water reservoirs. In general, the entire occupation of the house occurs between two plans of solid concrete slabs, with their frameworks facing the external parts. The reservoirs are supported on one of the edge beams in the central dormitory, very close to the middle of their span.

As a way of maintaining the authenticity of the materials and finding values of architectural and aesthetic naturalness in them, the house, for the most part, white, also features wood or glass closings, Portuguese stone or granite floors, and a pillar and slab pattern with concrete. It can be said that the architecture produced here is marked by a certain logic that is revealed through a series of analyzes or searches during the understanding of the place, the people, the available conditions, the construction technologies. There is a certain intention in it to be lasting … simply because it is rooted.




Project name: Comarina House

Company name: Cidadela Arquitetos

Authors: Ítalo Motta and Fernanda Passos

Project Location: Aracaju, State of Sergipe, Brazil


Photography with courtesy of Cidadela Arquitetos


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