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Monumental Design Of Putin House By Roman Vlasov

Roman Vlasov Visual Atelier 8 Putin House 1.jpg

Roman Vlasov contemplates the design of Putin’s House.

Younger yet taller than trees, reaching for hills – with the tendency to oppose a lush wilderness of its surroundings, this conceptual design speaks about the intent to realize seemingly unreachable dreams. Without escapism, yet through the thoughtful implementation of its presence – Putin’s house states the view in overcoming distances. In this dark-pine-ruled corner of the forest, we encounter a monumentally defined residential complex.


Roman Vlasov Visual Atelier 8 Putin House 3.jpg

Roman Vlasov Visual Atelier 8 Putin House 5.jpg



Project name: Putin House

Status: Concept – Design

Location: Sochi, Russia

Design year: 2021

Architect: Roman Vlasov

Tools used: Autodesk Maya, Redshift

Visuals with courtesy of Roman Vlasov


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