National Geographical Society Building Concept By Viktor Zeleniak

This is the concept of the building of the National Geographical Society, which is conceptualized by Viktor Zeleniak.

The house is located in the Ukrainian Carpathians. The aim is to study, research and preserve the flora and fauna of the region. This is a place where researchers live and make important contributions to their work. The main task of the project: to disturb nature the least. That is why the main load-bearing structure is a support to which the house is suspended by cables above the trees. Inside the support there are stairs. The house also has a small cable car for easy climbing. The interior of the researchers’ house is an open space with areas for work, kitchen, rest, and sleep. There is also a large terrace where there will be a variety of facilities for exploring nature. In today’s world, nature needs protection. To do this, you need to create houses in nature, where researchers, scientists, and ecologists will live.

Viktor Zelenjak_Visual_Atelier_8_Ukrainian Carpathians 6.jpg


Project name: The building of the National Geographical Society in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Architect: Viktor Zeleniak

Project location: Carpathians, Ukraine

Visualization: Viktor Zeleniak

Tools used: Archicad, 3DsMax, Photoshop •Design year: 2021

Materials: Concrete, glass, iron, steel

Status: Concept

Typology: House for scientists

Visuals with courtesy of Viktor Zeleniak




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