FXgear Produces An Augmented Reality Fitting Mirror Solution


Digital shopping has entered into the twenty first century with the FXMirror produced by FXgear, whose headquarters are in Seoul, South Korea. FXMirror is an Augmented Reality fitting room that uses photorealistic virtual clothing overlays to instantly display styles for all somatotypes. It arrives as an inbuilt digital kiosk made of a digital mirror that reflects adapted data about clothing choices to consumers, so they never have to feel buyer’s remorse.


The technology can be used with an avatar created from users precise bodily dimensions through its Fit’n shop app. This technology was created by Fxgear to streamline the clothing purchasing process in a time were online sales are beginning to eclipse brick and mortar engagement. Clothing manufacturers also have the option of simply taking a front and back photo of any inventory item, and through uploading these to the FXMIRROR servers they get a movable photo realistic model within 10 minutes. Science fiction has become tech reality with this piece of augmented retail gold.


For more information, visit the FXgear website

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