Graphene Jacket: A Science Experiment By Vollebak

The Graphene Jacket is an experimental prototype that contains the lightest and strongest material cataloged by human culture. Graphene covers this Volleback’s jacket to create a completely new textile fabric. The design of the composite material and the confection, allows the Graphene Jacket to absorb and store the heat, dissipate body moisture, repel bacteria and other pathogens. The first version of the Graphene Jacket is reversible. Only on one side it is covered in graphene, the only material that won a Nobel Prize.

The molecular properties of graphene allowed to develop a lot of advances in the design of new products, or the considerable improvement of everyday objects. The main disadvantage of graphene is the great difficulty of handling it presents. What makes the large-scale industrial applications unviable. Regarding this problem, the founders of Volleback, the brothers Steve and Nick Tidball, want to open a research and development laboratory to make graphene reach the mass consumption public. They plan to work together with the first clients, who will participate as a test group. Volleback is a pioneer in the use of avant-garde materials for the manufacture of clothing. Pants that last a hundred years. T-shirts made with 100,000 ceramic particles. Among other wonders of design.

All images, courtesy of Vollebak

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