Melina Petsolari Celebrates Moriaen In A Mesmerising Editorial

Image: Melina Petsolari

‘Moriaen’ celebrates Moriaen, the infamous African knight and Moorish son of Aglovale, one of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table. It is a 13th-century Arthurian romance in Middle Dutch. Moriaen is depicted similar to a Pope, dressed as a knight accompanied by halos. Through casting, dynamic poses, ethereal headpieces and mesmerising digitally rendered ‘murmurations’ presenting halos in a more contemporary way, it is this portrayal that inspired his reimagining. ‘Moriaen’ brings forth a refreshingly futuristic and surreal reinterpretation of a surprisingly overlooked heroine whilst simultaneously reflecting on the beauty of black culture.

Image: Melina Petsolari

Image: Melina Petsolari

Image: Melina Petsolari

Image: Melina Petsolari

Creative Director & Photographer: Melina Petsolari

Digital Artist: Kumbirai Makumbe

Stylist: Chiara Mannarino

Mua: Chloe Pepworth

Models: Aminat and Graham

Casting: Tide Casting

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