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Intuitive And Therapeutic Photographs Of Neil Kryszak


Neil Kryszak works in Los Angeles as a photographer in the fields of fashion, commercial, and fine art. His photographs bask in the glow of neon lights which create a certain atmosphere of something between fascinating eeriness and transcendentalism. There is an undeniable versatility seen throughout his work when different subjects and moods are captured.

Kryszak demonstrates an adept appreciation for color that cleverly fluctuates the environment being perceived in the image. It casts a novel curiosity and entertains the viewer’s eye as they take in what would be a normal city view or street into something akin to an illusion, familiarity versus peculiarity. Characteristic to all of his images is a soothing feeling, a sense of calm thought. They invite you and stimulate an inner dialogue with its established surrealism pulsing through the elements seen in the photographs.


There is no underlying lean towards any particular orientation or course of thought, Kryszak leaves that totally in the hands of the viewer themselves. He speaks through his work and creates from a space of intuition, which explains how his portfolio feels entirely personal and intimate. Neil Kryszak also captures beautiful portraits and has produced works commercially for brands like Adobe and Universal Music.  



All images: Neil Kryszak

For more information, visit the Neil Kryszak website

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