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Christian Mio Loclair’s Shattered Cubism Dance Fantasy In “Blackberry Winter”

Christian Mio Loclair-Blackberry Winter-Visual Atelier 8-Art-1.jpg

In his “Blackberry Winter” project, Christian “Mio” Loclair takes the visceral poetic agonies often tamed through contemporary dance and fuses their romantically charged forces with scintillating anamorphic bodies, that are composed of melting flower-petal like gradient paints. These emotional forms fold like thawing snow piles or melting inner earth rocks.

Loclair’s dancing beings vacillate as if trying to contain warring spirits that are fighting free from entrapment to a fragmented mechanical host. Such a reading about union is really what Loclair finds vital in his artistic renditions.

Christian Mio Loclair-Blackberry Winter-Visual Atelier 8-Art-4.jpg

Being the creative director of Waltz Binaire, his fascination with hybridized new media techniques and overlapping diametric technologies make his films and visions extremely post-modern, to be almost willfully taunting the edge’s edge in order to see how close he can get before becoming lost in its iridescent void.

Christian Mio Loclair-Blackberry Winter-Visual Atelier 8-Art-3.jpg

GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) and physics engines are used brilliantly to populate his simulations with real time cubism induced shapes. This project is so near to revolutionary that it demands viewers find a definitional explanation for something that is either too pure or too raw to merely categorize.


All images: Christian “Mio” Loclair

For more information, visit the Christian “Mio” Loclair’s website

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