Wafai Architecture Joins Nature’s Effortless Beauty In Autumn House Design

Wafai Architecture joins nature’s effortless beauty with splendorous structural design with its Autumn House. 

Akin to the way a bird’s nest is assembled within the branches of a tree, the Autumn House exhibits the same organic continuity and tranquility. The exquisiteness that emanates from the shapely layout is pleasant to admire as one perceives the ways in which the breezy color palette is enhanced by the building’s anatomical formation.

Natural light is warmly invited in through boldly spacious facades. The ground floor is a delicate and expert use of space as the openness allows for a kitchen, living room, eclectic staircase, chimney, two expansive bedrooms, and a restroom. Nestled in an indoor garden, the cylindrical stairway is the epitome of the house’s elegant aesthetic: marble of both light and dark tones, accented with gold strips extending from the ceiling where the staircase perfectly fuses into.

Wafai Architecture-Visual Atelier 8-1.jpg

The fluorescent lighting affixed to choice parts of the ceiling and floor greatly contribute to uplifting the ingenuity behind Wafai Architecture’s design. The sophistication seems to be innate and intelligent to the inclinations of the natural environment that surrounds it. Not only does the Autumn House celebrate the landscape it resides in, but performs as an exalting architecture experience altogether.



All images with courtesy of Wafai Architecture


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