Charlotte Kidger Transforms Valueless Materials Into Functional Objects


Charlotte Kidger is a London UK based Maker. She graduated from Leeds College of Art (2014) and Central Saint Martins (2018).

Kidger has a background in Colour and Material Design. Her practice is led with a hands-on approach to investigating how industrial waste materials can be reprocessed and transformed into sculptural and functional objects. As an experimental material-lead designer her work is driven by the urge and curiosity to transform often unwanted and valueless materials into desirable and functional objects.


This hand-made side table is part of a wider “Industrial Craft” collection featuring sculptural tables and decorative vessels. A material led a project, the focus is concentrated on the transformation of polyurethane foam dust that comes as a by-product from CNC fabrication companies.

Table 01 is made from recycled polyurethane foam dust and resin to create a new durable composite material. The materials characteristics are highlighted within the table to show both; its natural textures as well as are refined and controlled. Sculptural and functional elements are equal within this handcrafted piece. The table can be made to order with color and height variations upon request.




All images with courtesy of Charlotte Kidger

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