Christian + Jade Delivers An Aesthetic And Strong Story Of Warmth


Christian Jade celebrates the influence that our products can have on the lifestyle by designing everyday objects to encourage sensible and valuable interactions.

Working with the intent to rethink our living environment, the duo manifest work that spans between a variety of material and techniques, which comes together in a strong visual language and intent. Gathering Heat is a bio-ethanol fireplace that speaks to our primal instinct of gathering together. Its form plays on the dynamic movements of the campfire, historically a signifier of heat and sustained life.

In the past, fires would keep us warm and predators at bay. While today, its heat remains, drawing us together. Made out of Stone, Metal, and Smoked Gray Grass – Gathering Heat is a safe and sustainable way of bringing the beautiful and fascinating fire back into our living environment.





All images with courtesy of Christian + Jade

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